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French games, songs...

Selection of online activities to support your child's learning. 

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French online Lessons for children  

Please register with us to be able to visualise our French lessons - From April 2020, we will be posting weekly lessons for 4 to 8 years old children which you can see in your own time. We also advise which Activity page you could go to to supplement the lesson. 

French online resources for children  

After each French lesson we encourage the children to go to a specific page where they will find lively and fun songs, worksheets & games (please select a theme below - pages are updated regurlarly - don't hesitate to email us for other theme)

   colours 3

French traditional songs

English traditional songs in French

French books for your children

Quelle heure est-il Mimi?

Children just love it - A day in Mimi's life - learning the time


Toutes les couleurs

d'Alex Sanders

sweet little story to learn the colours

Je m'habille et.. je te croque!

de Benedicte Guettier

Learning clothe - Funny little story which illustrate well the song " Promenons nous dans les bois",

well known story to learn fruits and days of the week.

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