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La forêt - l'automne et Halloween

Cuckoo bird and an owl

​Click to hear the names of the animals :


Le hérisson - hedgehog

L’écureuil    - squirrel

Le coucou   - cuckoo bird

Le hibou      - owl

Coucou has several meanings:


Hello, Hi, Peek a boo :


Coucou, Pierre, c'est moi !

- Hi, Pierre, it's me!
Coucou, il y a quelqu'un ?

- Hello, is anyone there?


or it is the name of a cuckoo bird and the sound it makes



Dans la forêt lointaine   above

Dans la forêt lointaine
On entend le coucou
Du haut de son grand chêne,
Il répond au hibou
Coucou, coucou

Coucou, hibou, coucou.


Far away in the forest

We can hear the cuckoo

High up the its tall oak tree

He is replying to the owl

Hello, hello

Hello,owl, hello

Le Loup

Promenons nous dans les bois.    video


Lets go for a walk in the woods

whilst the woolf is away

if he was here

he would eat us.


Woolf, where are you?

can you hear us?

what a you doing?


I am putting my pants.....

Le lapin dans la foret - same animals as in "Roule Galette"  

The Story:    video


A Rabbit in the forest


The rabbit in the forest, jumps on a path

"Fox, come and shake my hand.

Wolf, come and shake my hand.

Bear, come and shake my hand.

and you come and shake my hand.


The song:


In the forest, a rabbit, jumps, jumps on a path.

Rabbit, rabbit, come come, shake my hand.

Le herisson (hedgehog) video



What does prick when we take it?

It is my hedgehog (x2)


What does run in the garden path?

It is my hedgehog (x2)


What does eat?

It is .....


What walks little steps ?..


What rolls under the leaves?..


What can hide to sleep?..


Qui a peur du loup? 

Video above

Qui a peur du loup?

c'est pas moi

c'est peut être vous. 

Who is scared of the wolf?

it's not me 

it might be you. 

The video use as a base the story of "Pierre et le loup" (Peter and the wolf)

Devant ma maison

No sound - lovely to look at

En dessous - below                 Sous - under     

Au dessus - over                     Sur - on

à côté de - next to                    Dans - in

Devant - in front of

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