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Bonne Année à tous!


1- L'épiphanie

In France we celebrate the arrival of the 3 kings (6 january).

We invite friends and share a special cake (la galette des rois).

A figurine is hiden inside and the one who gets it become king or queen. He/she has to choose his/her queen or king.



Bonne Année (happy New Year)


La galette des rois (kings cake)


Le roi (king)


La reine (queen)


La fève (hidden figurine in cake)



Bonne Année


La galette


Les rois mages



You will find a story and a song with the same animals as in the story Roule Galette in the "Forest page".

listen&watch the videos 
J'aime la galette
Happy New Year - to danse
Meunier tu dors 


Miller your are a sleep

your windmill is going to fast

your windmill is going to hard





Wordsearch & more. to succeed you will need to listen to the story.


Recette de la galette - cake's recipe - story board.. No sound but hopefully, this will happen soon.

Also, printable sheet to make the middle section of the galette with all ingredient needed - recipe - easy to undersand.

2- La chandeleur

2nd February -


We celebrate the days getting longer - we represent the sun with candles (chandelles) and pancakes (crepes)  

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