About us...

"Can we do this game again?

 it was really funny!" Louis 4

BonjourKidz offers opportunities for children to enjoy learning French in a fun and active way.

Gabrielle is a native French speaker who came to England after obtaining a degree at a French University. Whilst raising her twins, she gained a Level 3 in Childcare and followed numerous primary language development programs accredited by Brighton & Hove Council.  


Gabrielle has always been passionate about introducing French to young children. She believes it is the key to gaining the confidence to speak French or any other modern language later on in life. She was introduced to her second language, English, at a very early age and it motivated her to join in and speak during her English lessons at secondary school and later on, to live and work in the UK.


Gabrielle set up BonjourKidz in 2004 to offer the same opportunity to children and, working alongside other qualified teachers, has developed successful and exciting programs for 18 months to 11 years old children.  

As it was very important for her to raise her own children bilingual, in 2007 she co-founded the non-profit association Les Franglophones to support French bilingual families. 

In 2016, Gabrielle set up a French holiday club for pre-school and primary school aged children, in order to immerse them in French culture and language and therefore increase their confidence. 

Gabrielle has always desired to open a French Pre-school and now has the chance to do so since her own children are starting University. Having worked at the Dharma school and the Montessori School, Gabrielle is keen to create a relaxed and calm environment surrounded by nature for the children to develop to their full potential and to learn resourcefulness.

All teachers are carefully selected and are:


  • Native French speakers.

  • Qualified and experienced with working with children.

  • CRB checked.

  • Insured (personal liability insurance).


We also offer a "Game" page where we provide educational activities, songs, and videos for children and teachers to use.