Pre-school 3-5 years old

French way of life for little ones 
A warm welcome to BonjourKidz French Pre-school

We are based in Hove where children will be able to safely explore, play and make new friends in French.


Thursdays and Fridays (9am to 1pm - drop of from 8.30 - Term time), we will meet up for new adventures : 

Dependign on the weather we will :

- Play in the comfort of a home to home, organised to stimulate little minds,

- Explore the woodlands, busy in with our Forest School adventures.

We work closely with the local French association les Franglophones as we value the importance of being part of a community and creating an exceptional care for your children. 

We welcome children with all levels of French (very successful during our holiday club!).

Our Approach:

In a warm and nurturing environment, your child will be able to flourish joyfully to his/her full potential : 

- we will follow EYFS framework using a holistic approach with child-let and teacher-led activities,

- introduce mindfulness to our daily life to become more compassionate and self-aware.  

- we will develop their confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in the woodland.

- we will create space to allow children to inspire to creative play and exploration. 

To achieve all this we have very small number of children with a high ratio adult/child.  

French life...

We will offer a French way of life with the importance of meal time, family and discussions adults/children.


Everyone will speaks French to their own abilities :

For bilingual children, this is an opportunity to consolidate their French. We have noticed, through Les Franglophones, children who have spent time (even small) in a French school environment become much more confident linguists.


Most importantly , this allows them to be able to communicate/bond better with their French relatives. 

For non French speaking families, we will offer adapted French lessons to the children & use visual aids to help with understanding at group time.

Seeing the world through two languages helps with cognitive development, mental flexibility, reasoning and problem solving. more info. 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his heard. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart" Nelson Mandela

Open day

If you would like to spend time in our magical place, meet the team and hear about our immersive teaching methods please send us an email.

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