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Children, Parents & Professionals


"We had amazing feed back about your French lessons from the teachers from St Luke" Laura at Orchard's Nursery 

What do children say:


Here are a few examples of what the children say, without being prompted:


"I really like how Madame teaches us French" "What do you like?" "I really like all the songs we do" (Amy from reception class at St Pancras primary school talking to her TA)


"Hello Bonjour, comment ça va?" (Oli, 3)

"Can you write escargot and coccinelle so I can show my mum" (Jess, 4)


"I can count: un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept" (Jacob 4)


« Comment ça va Gabrielle? » « Ça va et toi? » « Ça va TRES BIEN ». (Sonny 4)


"Qu'est ce que c'est?" "la grenouille" said Tess "Croa, croa" said all the children


What do parents say:

"I would like Kye to carry on next year once in Reception. Do you run classes?" (Pascale mum of Kye 4)


 "Last week, Noah insisted in counting in French when we went shopping" (Louise mother of Noah 3)


"During the school trip we could see you had a very good contact with the children" (Sophie mum of Joel 10)


"How fun it was to hear all the children sing in French at the end of the assembly, you could see they were all enjoying themselves, some mums even had tears in their eyes" (Sarah, mum of Jo 7)


"we went to France last week and Connor's confidence has grew enormously, he was saying Bonjour to everyone" (Laura, mum of Connor 3)


"Nina enjoys her French classes after school, particularly the songs and games. It is a great way to learn phrases, words and pronunciation". (Anna, mum of Nina 6)

"Cara and her friends have a great time in their class.  Cara started at 2 1/2. At the time I thought she was too young to be introduce to another language but she loved it and I've just been amazed how much she has learnt and how easily it all comes to her". (Anna, mum of Cara 3)

"My son Arthur was introduced to French at the age of 3 when he began lessons with Gabrielle at Blueberry nursery.  He really enjoyed the experience and I believe that it was the combination of early exposure to a foreign language and Gabrielle's teaching methods that made him so keen to continue learning French at Bonjour Kidz Afterschool club.  Arthur's French lessons have brought much to our household as he loves to come home and teach the entire family the new songs and different words that Gabrielle has taught him. I have 3 other children and I will be making sure that they all start learning another language at an early stage".  "...Arthur is now 12 and has started secondary school.  Last night he came back and told me how easy it is during French lessons and how he found himself joining in without fear". (Clair, Arthur age 6 and then 12)

"I have booked Bebe for 3 days but she would like to stay the week." July 2016

"Fifi would like to come back to your holiday club tomorrow, is it possible?" Feb 2017

What do professionals say:


"I wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic French Epiphany Day on Friday. The puja was super and the games looked joyful. I came out briefly but as I worked upstairs, I could hear the laughter. it always helps learning a language if we are all in it together, making mistakes but trying anyway. " (Clare Eddison, Head teacher at Dharma School - January 2020)

"We had amazing feedback about your French lessons from St Luke's teachers when they visited us" Laura from Orchard Nursery, Brighton. 

"We have been working with Gabrielle from Bonjour Kidz for the last 9 years.  Always on time and full of energy.  The lessons are active, fun and very enjoyable.  The children who have been here all that time have learnt in a structured and progressive manner over those years and now surprise us all with their knowledge of the language." (Hopscotch Nursery, Brighton)


"We are delighted to work with Bonjour Kidz again this year. We receive an excellent service.  The children always look forward to their French lessons and tell the staff all about the new words and songs they have just learned." (Blueberry Nursery, Hove)


"I have seen the children's confidence grow through the year during Gabrielle's French lessons.  They run into the room to make sure they get a seat next to Gabrielle and are always keen to respond and join in." (Sussex House Nursery, Brighton - NHS)


"Gabrielle's French lessons are so well organised, the children have fun and learn a lot too!" (Hannah & Jerry from Footsteps, Portslade)

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