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Les Fruits

les fruits.png


1. Vocabulaire (under 8 years old

Listen to the sound file :

Do you recognise some fruits? Look at the picture to help yourself. 

       la pomme - apple

       la poire - pear

       la banane - banana

       l'orange - orange

       la prune - plum

       la fraise - strawberry

Game to play:

Guess the one I would like to eat.

(if you need more food, please listen to the extension section).


Food based on the story Hungry Caterpillar - for all - March 2020 (the beginning is for the younger children):


Game to print:

Wheel (to play with someone) (extension for KS2 included, can be simplified for KS1) Click below for hear the vocabulary of the food and the sentences you can make (open the above game first so you can read the words at the same time)


3. Cooking in French : La brochette de fruits.


Passe moi - pass me

Coupe - cut

Lave - wash

Epluche - peel

Please go to our Fruits Activity page for Online videos 

fruits - wheel - list and copy me
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