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Because each child has a different pace, different skills and abilities, we offer a varied and full activity schedule. 

Each week has a different theme, linked to an element of Francophone culture, around which

activities are focused. 

A typical day usually involves :

• arrival and greeting
• whole group game to make children at ease and introducing French key words...
• small group (6 children) arts and crafts / cooking 
• free play time with an activity on offer. 

• whole group game

• small group (6 children) activity

lunch and free play (again with one activity on offer)
• whole or small groups depending on activity : outdoor athletic games / a food and taste awareness activity / Role play....

• music based game to finish the day.

We set our day with a similar school day routine with 3 outside playtimes but activities are different every day. 

The play-based aspect of our activities allows children to take pleasure in speaking French and also discover new games and new abilities, to meet and make friends with peers and with the leaders.

We organise theme weeks:

During the week, children might "pop in" to :

• a restaurant, a shop or a cafe to create role play with real food!

• a theater or circus for role play 

• a sport facility to be active.

we like to recycle with the children. 


Summer 2020: Partons en vacances, different sports, local food...

Summer 2019: La mer : tennis, water games, making ice cream, creating a café...

Summer 2018 : 1st week: Princesses et chevaliers - La Loire: its castles, river and specialties - 2nd week: Gargantua - J'aime manger ! old traditional games, food tech, restaurant...

October 2017 - French Halloween - Art&craft, drink experimentation, spooky games....

Activities for 2020 : "En vacances en France"


We will "cross the Chanel".... learning song and racing each other. 


We will spend each day in a different part of France Le Nord, le Sud, l'Ouest, L'Est et le Centre...and discover land marks playing various games, creating a French map, building land marks.....


We will experience French playground games and French favourite sports.

We will learn French songs (disco, games...) and short sentences to use when going to France.



We love using our outdoor spaces

We have now 2 covered areas where we can set out the tables and be in the shade if needed.

We do as many activities as possible outside: Art&Craft, sports, games, free time and our lunch time  (together.. the French way without forgetting our "bon appétit")


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information